Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tflex Reservation Program.

  1. Open Tflex Reservation Program.
  2. Input the username and password correctly.
  3. Choose Reservation.

New Booking Procedure.
  1. Change letter on right side of Reservation into Add.
Text Box:
  1. Click The Reservation.

A. Detail Page.
  1. Profile Type = “Agent”
Text Box:
  1. Double click “Profile’s Name” and choose the correct agent name ex. I viaggi del delfino
  2. fill the Guest/Group’s Name with the name of client.
      Text Box:
  1. Input Reservation Date on “Rsvn.From “ then duration of stay on “Night(s)”  Then the departure on “Rsvn. To”.
  2. Leave the Rsvn.Status to “Reserved” until further confirmation from hotel.
Text Box:
  1. Then move to Order’s Name Below.
  2. Fill the “Order’s name” with the name of operator oversea.
  3. Fill the total room with the number of rooms they reserve.
  4. Please Leave the “Booking Type” to “In Bound”
  5. Describe number of person ordered by client age. Ex. Adult , childs.
  6. Fill the “Flight Arr.Date” with client arrival date based on client ticket.
  7. Fill “ETA” with the time of client arrival on airport.
  8. Fill “By” with the specific carrier based on ticket. Ex. TG 431
  9. Fill “Voyage From” with the source airport.
  10. Fill “Flight Dep. Date” with the date based on client departure ticket.
  11. Fill “ETD” with time of client departure ticket.
  12. Fill “By” with the specific carrier based on ticket. Ex TG 432
Text Box:
  1. Fill “Remark” for special request. Ex Honeymooner, VIP.
  2. Click Save
  3. Then move to Guest List
Text Box:
B. Guest List
  1. Double Click the blank space.
Text Box:

  1. Fill The “Prefix” ex. Mr
  2. Fill The “Guest’s Name” with the name of Client
  3. Fill The “Guest’s Surname” with family name of client
Text Box:
  1. If client more than one, please click the “insert row” button above.
Text Box:
  1. Click Save.
  2. Close Current tab.
  3. Then move to HB Doc(s)
Text Box:

C. Hotel Booking
  1. Click “Create Hotel Booking Button”
Text Box:
  1. Double Click “Hotel’s Name” then choose the name of hotel.
Text Box:
  1. Leave the “status” to “Reserved” until further confirmation from Hotel.
Text Box:
  1. Fill the “Attention” with the name of the reservation on Hotel.
Text Box:
  1. Leave the “Confirmed By” until the hotel confirmed the room. If they have confirm the room, fill it with the name of the person who confirm it.
Text Box:
  1. For “Breakfast on”, “Lunch”, “Dinner” are fill depend on the request of client.
Text Box:
  1. Then click save.
  2. Then go to “Room Category(s)”.
Text Box:

D. Room Category(s)
  1. Double click the blank space.
  2. Double click the “Room Catg’s name” then choose the one as specified by the clients.
  3. Select the “Tariff Set’s Name” to valid tariff rate.
Text Box:
  1. Fill The blank field with room requested.
Text Box:
  1. Set the costing market to insisting market.
Text Box:
  1. Click Save.

When the hotel reservation confirmed the booking, then please :
  1. change Rsvn Status to “Confirmed” as for point 7.
  2. add the “confirmed by” field with the name of person who confirmed as for point 35.
  3. Then set the “Status” to  “Confirmed” as for point 33.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Print Hotel Booking.
  6. Print Voucher.