Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Reservation function

Reservation function
Step 1. Create new booking

  1. Change status to “Add”
  2. Click on the Reservation button. (A new screen will open.)

  1. Double click on the agent box to Select agent profile name
  2. Put in the booking no. from the agent (if any)
  3. Put in Guest name or group name.
  4. Put in the Reservation Check in / Check out date ( this is the period of the booking)
  5. Check and input the order name. (The name of the agent from the agency)
  6. Indicate the Total Number of Room.
  7. Modify the total number of guests.
  8. Indicate the flight arrival and departure time. (For inter flight only)
  9. Put in the flight name.
  10. Double click on the Payment term box and select the kind of payment term.
  11. Double click on the Currency box and select the currency. (This is for creating invoice to agent)
  12. Click on Save (You will receive a file no.)

Step 2. Create hotel booking
(After receiving the file number, you can start creating hotel booking)

  1. Go to HB. Doc(s) Tab. (In case of second Amend have to go to AHB. Doc(s) Button.)
  2. Click on Create hotel booking button. (Hotel booking screen will open.)

  1. Double click on the Hotel Name Box and select a hotel.
  2. Double click on the Supplier Name box and select your supplier (only if your booking had pass through a supplier, but if not, leave it blank.)
  3. Indicate the name of the reservation personnel in the Attention box. (Person’s name in the hotel)
  4. Check the total number of Guests.
  5. Verify and edit Check in / Check out date.
  6. Check flight details.
  7. Click on Save.

  1. Go to room Catg.(s) tab.
  2. Click on insert row. (A new screen will open.)

  1. Double click on the Room Catg.’s Name Box and select a room catg.
  2. Double click on tariff set and click on the tariff name.
  3. Indicate the number of room to be reserve.
  4. Click on Save
  5. After saving your data, click on Refresh rate(s)

  1. Go to Acom Rate(s) tab. To check if your rate is correct.
  2. Double click on the rate line. (If you don’t clicked on refresh rate(s) & as well as the select tariff box, the line will not appear. You have to go back to refresh and select your tariff. (no.16) After doing so, a new screen will open.

  1. Check your costing (can change manually)
  2. Check cost of meal. (can change manually)
  3. Check selling price. (Can change manually) and also Check selling price of meal. (can change manually)
  4. Save.
  5. Close.

After closing Accom. Rate Window, the system will keep your data and show a line showing your file.

24. Close this box again.

25. Back to Detail tab.
26. Check on “Breakfast On” box. (If rate is already included, the system will automatically Indicate it.) If not, then you have to put “requested” manually.
27. Go to Remark tab. (Write something inside the box, only if you have something to inform the hotel)
28. Click on Save.
29. Click on print HB button, to preview hotel booking report.
30. Change status to confirmed (then print out the hotel voucher.)
31. Click on Print Voucher button to preview hotel voucher.
- After that close out.

Go back to main screen (Reservation screen)
33. Go to Accom Room(s) Tab.
34. The System must Show Accom line. After confirmation of your hotel booking. The voucher number must appear as well and the status should show a note stating that it is “Confirmed/Conf”. (Just check it no need to change anything.)

Step 3. Amend hotel Booking

Open booking by file no. – Reservation > update. Search by file no. (Then double click inside the booking)

If you have to amend a period, you need to Change RSVN Form – RSVN to first, from the original booking. Before Amending.
  1. Go to HB. Doc(s) tab.
  2. Double click on hotel booking line.

  1. Click on 1Amend HB. Button. (The amend screen will show)

  1. Click on Detail tab (Amend date check in /out)
  2. Edit whatever that is needed for your amendments.
  3. Save
  4. Click on print AHB to preview the amended report
  5. Change status to “Amend Confirmed” (need to print out new hotel voucher.)
  6. Click on print Voucher to preview new voucher.

If need to create new invoice, go back to Invoice tab, cancel your previous invoice and then create a new invoice.

Step 4. Reservation of Tour & Entrance. / Package.
You need to go back to Reservation > Update first and create a new booking for Tour & Entrance or even Package. (From Step 1).

Open your booking after you finish step 1. RSVN > update

  1. Go to Service(s) Tab
  2. Click on insert row. (add service)

  1. Check and edit service date and service time.
  2. double click and select the Service Group Type (the system default it to be tour)
  3. double click and select tour & entrance service / package
  4. after selecting the service, check on the range and Pax (can double click to select inside)
  5. Check costing / selling (make sure if it’s price per unit/per pax) (can edit manully)
  6. Check costing / selling (Price per pax / per range. (can edit manually)
  7. Save.
  8. Change the status to Confirmed (before creating voucher)
  9. If need to create voucher. Click on Create voucher service. (you will be directed to the Voucher screen)

  1. Check service rate.
  2. put in Attention (person name in supplier company)
  3. go to remark tab (if you need to mention some thing to the supplier)
  4. Save
  5. Click on Print voucher button to preview voucher report.

Step 5. Reservation for Transport.
You need to go back to Reservation > Update first and create a new booking for Tour & Entrance or even Package. (From Step 1).
Open booking once done with step 1. RSVN > update

  1. Go to Service tab.
  2. Click on insert row. (new screen will open up)

  1. Go to Transfer(s) tab.
  2. Check and edit service date/ time service.
  3. Check total Pax.
  4. Double click select tariff set’s name. (for selecting the service name.)
  5. Check the Pax range cost together with the selling Pax range. (can double click to change the price range inside  manually)
  6. Check costing (Rate per unit) (can change manually)
  7. Check rate per pax (can change manually)
  8. Change status to confirm (in case it is already confirmed, proceed to create the voucher.)
  9. Save (Finish)
  10. Click on Create Transport voucher button. (if need to create voucher transport to supplier) (go to voucher screen)

  1. Click on Detail tab
  2. Check and edit service date and service time.
  3. Put in attention (person’s name from the supplier company)
  4. Check and edit flight date and time.
  5. Save
  6. Click on Print voucher button to preview transport voucher report.

Step 6. Create invoice.
Open file booking à Reservation > update (search by file no. from your booking)

  1. Go to Invoice tab.
  2. Click on Create invoice button.

Click on Print invoice to preview your invoice.

In case you need to manually enter the invoice and edit some word.

  1. Go to Item Tab
  2. Double click on item line.

  1. Edit description manually.
  2. Should be the same Description (Details for accounting)
  3. Check quantity.
  4. Price (can change manually)
  5. Save
  6. Close. Then go to main invoice.

Step 7. Cancel invoice
Open booking >  Reservation > update by file no.

  1. Go to invoice(s) tab.
  2. Double click on invoice line.

  1. Change status invoice to cancel / cancel charge. (In case there is a cancel charge, you need to go to item invoice to edit selling price and edit description manually.)
  2. Save (then close this function)