Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Close Day Function

The Close Day Function
            à For keeping the record of the booking, for statistic Report.
            à Need for checking the number of booking made on that specific day.
à For keeping the Records, Close day function can keep the data both from Online system and Offline system.
à For Updating the System Date.


  1. Open the Reservation Function
  2. Go to Reservation Menu (from the Menu Bar)
  3. Click on “Close Day”
  4. A new window will open


  1. Under the RSVN Check In Tab select all bookings
  2. Change the status to Confirm by clicking on the “Confirmed” Box
  3. After you confirm click on the “Check In” box.
  4. Proceed to Accom Check In Tab
  5. Select all Booking
  6. Change Status to Check In.
  7. Next is to go to Accom. Check out Tab.
  8. Select all booking
  9. Change Status to Check out
  10. Proceed to RSVN Check Out Tab
  11. Select all booking
  12. Change Status to Check out
  13. Click on CLOSE DAY Box, a pop up menu will appear telling you that close day is done processing.
  14. Click on the Close Box

4 things to remember when you book for Share Transport and Guide:
  1. This Function is specially made for SIC Service only.
  2. It must have the same Service Name
  3. It must be on the same Date
  4. It must have the same profile for the Supplier

  1. Create two Transfer booking (Steps in Reservation Function Manual)
[Remember the details above]
    • NOTE: Under Transfer Service, change the Range Box to SIC, because the system will generate as a default range are the number of person that booked the service. Example you book 2 people, the system will generate 2-2 as the range number. In this case you need to double click inside the box then change it to SIC (Both for Selling and Costing box, to generate the Rates). Click on Save.


  1. After you’re done with the reservation, select the service where the transfer is included. Double Click inside the box. (Always use the COSTING line for Sharing Transfer/Guide. To check, use the Horizontal scroll bar and look for the Costing Transfer).
  2. Go to Transfer Sharing Tab
  3. Click on Set Master to select this Booking as the Main Transfer service. If you want to remove this setting from this service just click on clear master and choose another Transfer service to be your master/main client.
  4. Add a client by clicking on the Add Client Box.
    • (Note: you can add as many client as you can, depends on the number of range that your transport service is available)
  5. Click on Share. (Note: Once you click on share, you cannot change or do anything more from this service)
  6. Notice the Net price has reduced.
  7. Close


Transfer Sharing Buttons:





Image 1.2



For Guide sharing, same process as creating transfer sharing. Just follow the steps from the Image 1.2 above.